Conception is a delicate miracle that can be affected by any one of hundreds of factors. Traditional Chinese Medicine works to re-balance the subtle relationships of energies that occur each month, causing her to produce a healthy egg capable of fertilisation and to prepare the uterine lining to receive that egg.

Through her knowledge and understanding of Western medical methods and her Eastern training, Sue is able to bridge the gap between the two systems so that the care is truly holistic and patient centred.

Fertility Acupuncture

Your ability to conceive naturally or with assisted medical treatments such as IVF, ICSI or IUI depends on optimum physical and emotional well-being. At Colchester Acupuncture Room both will be addressed in a soothing and supportive way to give you the best possible chances for conception. Acupuncture may help to achieve a healthy pregnancy by stimulating the body’s innate ability to balance, heal and strengthen itself and so address any specific problems that may affect fertility. This in turn stabilises hormone levels and improves blood circulation to the uterus.

Acupuncture is known to be of value during specific techniques such as prior to egg collection and pre and post embryo transfer. It is advantageous before sperm collection and during the process of IUI to help thicken the lining of the uterus and enhance relaxation prior to and post the procedure. Watch this video to see how Acupuncture optimises fertility.

Most significantly, acupuncture and Tui na (together with attention to diet and lifestyle; equally important for male and female fertility) will maximise general well-being and aid relaxation, which are critical for achieving conception, enjoying pregnancy and adjusting to motherhood.

Take a look at this Youtube clip to see Clare Nasir talking about her experiences of using acupuncture to help her have a baby. Click here for further information from BMJ.

Chinese herbal medicine is particularly effective in the areas of menstrual irregularities and female and male fertility issues where it recognises that many problems have a functional rather than structural basis. In this way it is possible to address complex issues and achieve good outcomes in an effective and safe way, with or without the addition of Western techniques.

Acupuncture For Men

At Colchester Acupuncture Room we are seeing an increasing number of Male patients seeking acupuncture for many health conditions ranging from musculoskeletal injuries and disorders to stress management, sleep problems and male factor fertility issues.

Acupuncture can help to enhance male fertility in the same way that it may improve ovarian function by boosting blood flow to the pelvis. By stimulating blood and energy (qi) flow to the testicles the overall health of the sperm will be enriched and the ideal parameters for conception to occur optimised. Acupuncture may also have a beneficial effect on psychogenic erectile dysfunction. For more information take a look here.

Tui Na therapeutic massage may complement the treatment in this context as it is deeply relaxing and so valuable for all stress related issues. Such problems are known to have a profound impact on both male and female reproductive health. For more information on this take a look here.