Herbal Medicine

Sue has recently completed a diploma in practical Chinese Medicine which now completes her ‘tool box’ of Chinese medicine treatments.

Traditional Chinese herbal medicine is the oldest continually practiced medical profession in the world, stretching back over 2500 years. It works on the same diagnostic basis as acupuncture to re-establish natural balance and harmony within the body so that good health returns and is maintained.

In modern times its unique ancient theory and thousands of years of experience has been combined with the insights of current scientific research and is widely accepted throughout the world as an effective form of healthcare.

Herbal prescriptions will include several herbs (often 4-16) working in combination to treat the whole person.

Traditionally Chinese herbs were taken as a tea made from the dried, raw herb. It is now possible to provide the same holistic treatment in powder or capsule form that provides little preparation. In this way the ancient treatment has been successfully integrated into modern living with its expectations of convenience.