I first met sue over a year ago when my fertility journey had taken its toll on me. I was exhausted, emotional and was still physically recovering from operations and previous fertility treatments. From the very first contact that I had with Sue, it was clear that her knowledge, understanding and empathy around my situation was second to none. Each and every treatment session was totally personalised and specific to my needs during each stage of my fertility treatment and ultimately, my pregnancy. Treatments were relaxing, rebalancing and rejuvenating, both physically and emotionally….exactly what I needed! Sues calming, sensitive and positive energy along with the acupuncture treatments, made my journey much more bearable and I do truly believe that this helped to make my fertility cycle a success. Thank you Sue!
— Olivia, Acupuncture
I investigated acupuncture as a treatment early in my second pregnancy because my first experience of birth had been traumatic and had left me anxious and fearful of going through the same again. I found Sue, who specializes in pregnancy issues and so has been able to fully relate to my worries and alleviate my anxieties. She has an understanding and caring approach, and together with the treatment, which is calming and relaxing, my stress levels have reduced considerably over the months I have been seeing her. I believe that the acupuncture contributed to my lovely second birth experience 4 months ago, and it has since helped tremendously with my physical and emotional recovery.
— Jo, Acupuncture
I went for acupuncture with Sue with the hope that it would improve my chances of having a baby. I was initially apprehensive but found Sue’s approach both positive and relaxing and always looked forward to the next session. I am now the proud new Mum of a beautiful baby boy! I would urge anyone thinking of acupuncture to give it a go – Sue’s warm persona and her relaxing room make the whole experience very enjoyable indeed!
— Kate, Acupuncture
I came to see Sue to help alleviate the pain from my varicose veins in my legs and pelvis. Her treatment, combined with some herbal remedies, have made a significant and very welcomed improvement. The sessions themselves are like a little oasis of calm, I always leave feeling very relaxed and refreshed. The treatment has had other positive effects on my general health, I haven’t had a migraine since having started the treatment. Sue recently treated my son for seasonal asthma type symptoms, she was so great with children making him feel really at ease and interested in the treatment. The symptoms went away following the treatment. Sue is very holistic and professional in her approach, genuinely listening and providing a truly caring approach. She has a great knowledge of women’s health issues which is really reassuring.
— Helen, Acupuncture
Five years of Brachial Pruritus, extreme itching stretching from the backs of my hands, right along and up my arms to my shoulders was total misery. Nothing helped. Itching doesn’t sound like much but it was so bad. I wanted to tear my arms to pieces, couldn’t cover them summer or winter, put my arms under the bed clothes, or sleep. Plunging my arms into ice cold water for 10 minutes at a time provided the only relief for about 20 minutes. I was in and out the bathroom day and night with arms and hands red and sore and the cold affecting the arthritis in my hands. Then 6 months ago I found Sue on the internet. This wonderful lady and her treatments and herbal remedies have changed my life. I have no itching, no cold water immersions, can wear long sleeves, coats, etc. and can snuggle under the covers in bed. The treatments carried out in a lovely restful, warm room are comfortable and relaxing and Sue has such a caring but very professional approach. When I first visited Sue she knew nothing about my condition but through her knowledge and experience she certainly hit the jackpot for me and has given me back my quality of life and I couldn’t be more grateful.
— Helen, Acupuncture
I found Sue through a google search and I am incredibly glad that I did. I have suffered with adult acne for several years due to what I believed to be a hormonal imbalance. I had a thorough consultation and 6 treatments with Sue – all of which were very pleasant and relaxing and also treated my lower back pain. I don’t want to tempt fate but it seems like my acne has totally disappeared. I feel energised and generally happier. Sue has a lovely treatment room with easy parking outside and her manner and nature are warm and comforting. Her knowledge is excellent too. I would go on but this will start to sound like I am making up a review!
— Jay, Acupuncture
I first came to see Sue for acupuncture in the hope that it would cure my daily headaches and hormonal-related migraines. Having suffered for a long time and being prescribed with more and more tablets from my doctor, I decided to try another route. Not only do I now have fewer headaches and migraines but Sue also related all the issues to my irregular periods and had helped me to get my cycle more regular. I highly recommend visiting Sue, who is highly professional, sensitive and treats the ‘whole’ of you.
— Laura, Acupuncture